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IUD/IUS perforation risk
EC, C/I in asthma (controlled by steroids)
Levonorgestrel (Levonelle) can be given
IUD/IUS vasovagal risk
Time to implantation
COCP/Patch/Ring is late after
EC, not within 5 days of hormones
EC, discard breast milk for 7 days
Risk of pregnancy from single UPSI + levonorgestrel
Risk of pregnancy from single UPSI + ulipristal
COCP, two missed pills, EC?
COCP, two missed pills, follow on?
Earliest ovulation missed COCP
Unfertilised egg survival
Advise pregnancy test post EC in
EC, C/I in hepatitis or enzyme inducers
Copper IUD lasts
IUD specific side effects
Traditional POP is late after
EC, not breastfeeding
Legally, pregnancy begins at
IUD/IUS expulsion risk
Repeat EC or consider IUD if vomited within
Earliest ovulation post COCP
Increased risk of VTE on COCP
Increased risk of VTE in pregnancy
Earliest ovulation post depot injection
Risk of pregnancy from single UPSI
Earliest ovulation post partum
Day of ovulation
Injection is late after
IUD can be fitted
COCP, two missed pills, condoms?
IUS specific side effects
Jaydess IUS lasts
Risk of pregnancy from single UPSI + IUD
Earliest ovulation post implant removal
Mirena IUS lasts
Can LNG and UPA be used more than once in a cycle
IUD/IUS other risks
COCP, one missed pill, EC?
Ulipristal, not x days of hormonal contraceptives
Desogestrel POP is late after
Ulipristal (Ellaone) can be given
Sperm survival

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