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It is located between Colombia and Peru.The capitol is not the most populous city in this country.Spanish is the official language.
It's president is Abdoulaye Wade.It's motto translated says 'One People, One Goal, One Faith'.It's capitol is also it's largest city.
It's official language is Spanish.The vice president is Danilo Astori.88% of the residents are white.
This country' s flag is red and white.The national anthem is 'Der er et yndigt land'.It is located in Europe.
Located in East Asia.It is a communist country.Some of it's agricultural products are rice,eggs,pork,and corn.
Buddhism is the major religion here.The national anthem is 'Phleng Chat Thai'.This country drives on the left.
Most of the population is mestizo.Most of the population is Roman Catholic.It won it's independence from the UK on September 21,1981.
This country gained independence from Spain in 1821.It is the second poorest country in Central America.It is slightly larger than Tennessee.
Located in northern Africa,this country is ranked 15th most populous country in the world.The official language is Arabic.
The lowest point of this country is Lake Eyre.English is the most common language.Age of suffrage is 18.
The flag is black,yellow,and red.The famous landmark,Atomium,is located in this country.Located between France and the Netherlands.
The national sport is rugby.It is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.The president is Epeli Nailatikau.
Arabic is the official language.99% of the nation is Sunni Muslim.It is a republic.It won it's independence from France on July 5,1962.
One of the three Axis countries during WW2.It's currency is Euro.It drives on the right.

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