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Forced Order
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The album that 'You Already Take Me There' is on.
Tim Foreman's middle name.
The month and day Drew Shirley was born on.
The amount of songs on Legend Of Chin.
The seventh song on Nothing Is Sound.
The name of Switchfoot's new album.
The fourth member of Switchfoot.
Jon Foreman's wife's name.
Tim's brother in the group.
How many kids Chad has.
Switchfoot's favorite sport.
The amount of Switchfoot messages I have from them on Myspace.(over 50)
Switchfoot's second album.
Where does this lyric come from?(She's alone tonight with a bittercup and she's undone tonight.She's all used up.)
Where does this lyric come from?(We rise and fall together.)
How many albums have they released so far as a group?
What is Jerome Fontamillas' nationality?
How old is Jon Foreman at this time?
When is Tim Foreman's birthday?
What year do they plan to release their next album in?

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