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Forced Order
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LyricSongNumber of words
Welcome to the planet.Welcome to existence.Everyone's here.Everyone's here.4
Everyone's been scared to death of dying here alone.3
Hello good morning,how you do?What makes your rising sun so new?3
I've had my choices,I've chosen today.3
Rain is a bad reminder of everything I don't want to know.1
I've got my memories always inside of me.3
John Perkins said it right.2
I found all that I want,all that I long for in You.1
Tell me tomorrow has come with open arms,open arms,open arms.3
It's my birthday tomorrow.No one here could know.4
When all I have is on the floor divided,divided.5
Dreaming about providence and whether mice and men have a second try.3
It's a long way from the shadows in my cave.1
We are the faded.Splintered and sedated.Everything is breaking down.Breaking down.1
You've one life,you've one life,you've one life left to lead.4
We built these cities to stand so tall.We've lost our walls.4
There's nothing left for you to take away.2
LyricSongNumber of words
Flowers cut and brought inside.Black cars in a single line.1
Me and the trees losing our leaves falling like blood on the ground.1
More than bent on getting by.3
There's always something in the way.There's always something getting through.1
The sickness if myself.3
Don't let go.Don't let go tonight.1
With blankness staring back at me,screaming from the pages.1
And I lay my head back down.And I lift my hands and I pray to be only Your's.2
Storm clouds gathering beside me.5
And I can't no for sure cause I just landed on your shore.4
What's it going to take to slow us down.To let the silence spin us around.4
Maybe I've been the problem.Maybe I'm the chance of rain.1
It's bigger than cold religion.It's bigger than life.4
He's washing his face to start his day,he's lonely,lonely,lonely,lonely.1
I'm tired of fighting for just me.2
We are slaves of what we want.2
The sun hits my eyes and everything is right.3

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