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What is the capital of Palau?
Whose face is on the American nickel?
Which country's flag is all green with a big red dot in the middle?
What was the 34th state to enter the union?
What's 7000 x 2271?
Who first discovered cells?
What's the article in this sentence?/The shirt had a big hole in it.
Who wrote the poem 'The Road Not Taken'?
How many inches are there in a mile?
What's the capital of Maryland?
What is the smallest state in the US?
What's the square root of 441?
In english,what are these classified as?(am,had,must,could,would,been,were)
Which country's capital is Tirana?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
What is the seventh largest planet?
What is the 25th largest country in the world?
What is red's complimentary color?
How many days are in July?
What is Nebraska's largest city?

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