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LyricSongNumber of letter in title
Well they say the sky's the limit.And to me that's really true.But my friend you have seen nothing.Just wait til I get through.1
He got flat baby.Kick in the back baby.1
All through the night,I'll save you from the terror on the screen.I'll make you see.1
And I will keep you warm.Through the shadows of the night.Let me touch you with my love.I can make you feel so right.5
Baby loves me but she nevers shows she cares.No you won't see her kiss and hug me.3
I like the feeling you're giving me.Just hold me baby and I'm in ecstacy.6
And if you want to see eccentrialities.I'll be grotesque before your eyes.3
They're out to get you,better leave while you can.Don't want to be a boy,you want to be a man.2
Tell me what has become of my rights.Am I invisible because you ignore me?5
Want to see an exhibition.Better do it now before you get too old.3
Annie are you ok,will you tell us that you're ok?2
You never said goodbye.Someone tell me why.Did you have to go.And leave my world so cold.4
And I don't care what you say.I want to go too far.I'll be your everything.If you make me a star.2
You got a way of making me feel so sorry.I found out right away.3
We're taking over.We have the truth.This is our mission.To see it through.4
Just take it slow.Cause we got so far to go.3
Kicking me down.I got to get up.As jacked as it sounds.The whole system sucks.1
This time around,I'll never get bit.Though you really want to get me.3
It's jsut desire.You cannot waste it.Then,if you want it.Then,won't you taste it.3
If you will be my love.Baby I will love you,love you until the end of time.1
I wait for the day when you have to say 'I do'.And I smile and say it too.2
He dares to be recognized.The fire's deep in his eyes.1
If there's somebody else,he can't love you like me.And he says that he'll treat you well,he can't treat you like me.1
You love to pretend that you're good.When you're always up to no good.4
LyricSongNumber of letter in title
Do you remember,how we used to talk.You know,we'd stay on the phone at night til dawn.3
I took my baby on a Saturday bang.Boy is that girl with you,yes we're one and the same.3
Nothing can stop this burning.Desire to be with you.3(It's initialized)
Johnny's begging pretty please.Keep the brother on his knees.Susie likes to agitate.Get the boy and make him wait.2
In the lost and found of my heart.......No one understands me.They view it as such strange eccentricities.Cause I keep kidding around like a child but pardon me.1
HE got hair down to his knees.Got to be a joker,he just do what he please.2
He gives another smile,tries to understand her side.To show that he cares.2
She seemed sincere like it was love and true romance.Now she's out to get me.5
He think he hot cause he's BSTA.I bet he never had a social life anyway.2(It's initialized.)
Lovely is the feeling now.Fever,temperature's rising now.6
Don't you ever make no mistakes.Baby I got what it takes and there's no way you'll ever get me.1
I told my brother,there'll be problems,time and tears for fears.We must live each day like it's the last.Go with it.Go with it.1
Black jeans and a turtle neck sweater.I know this girl is faking because I've seen her look better.4
You got homeless people.With no food to eat.With no clothes on their back.And no shoes on their feet.6
She promised me forever and a day we'd live as one.We made our vows,we'd live a life anew.3
When I am with you I am lost for words,I don't know what to say.1
She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.2
I'm headed for the border.It's on my mind.And nothing really matters.I've got to be on time.2
What about flowering fields?Is there a time?2
Hold my hand,feel the sweat,yes you've got me nervous yet.Let me groove,let me soothe,let me take you on a cruise.3
You always knew just how to make me cry.And never did I ask you questions why.4
Cause you can climb the highest mountain.Swin the deepest sea.3
Now the way that it stands.She's out of my hands.5
How can you live girl,cause love for us was meant to be.Then you must be seeing some other guy instead of me.4
LyricSongNumber of letter in title
What can I do,girl to get through to you,cause I love you,baby,baby.3
I see the kids on the street.Without enough to eat.Who am I to be blind.Pretending not to see their needs.4
I cannot explain the things I feel for you.But girl,you know it's true.4
Just because you read it on the magazine and see it on the TV screen,don't make it factual.2
You should be watching me,you should feel threatened.1
I told you that I need you.A thousand times and why.I played the fool for you.And still you say goodbye.5
Then a beggar boy called my name.Happy days will drown the pain.3
They don't care.They'd do me for the money.They don't care.They use me for the money.1
She speaks the lines that can control my mind.Wherever she goes I know my eyes follow.1
Now I wake up everyday.With this smile upon my face.No more tears,no more pain.Because you love me.4
I'm so proud I am the only one who is special in her heart.4
There's a steam boat.And it's coming after you.You can take it.If you only let your feelings through.4
Can't stand to see nobody kissing,touching her.Couldn't take nobody loving you the way we were.3
The way she came into the place,I knew right then and there.There was something different about this girl.1
Won't you stay with me until the morning sun.I promise you now that the dawn will be different.3
See that girl,she knows I'm watching.She likes the way I stare.2
Each time the wind blows,I hear your voice so.I call your name.6
And I feel as though I've seen your face a thousand times.And you said you saw my face yourself.3
And the world we once believed in will shine again in grace.3
Like the loss of sunlight.On a cloudy afternoon.3
Looking in ym mirror.Took me by surprise.I can't help but see you.Running often through my mind.4
But they told me a man should be faithful.And walk when not able.4

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