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So tonight, gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf...Off The Wall (4 words)
I've been here times before but...Dirty Diana (6 words)
My life will never be the same cause girl you came and changed...You Rock My World (8 words)
I close my eyes.Just to try and see...Don't Walk Away (5 words)
Hear her voice shake my window...Human Nature (3 words)
I really want it.I can't deny.It's just desire...In The Closet (4 words)
Do you remember back in the spring...Remember The Time (5 words)
Just the other night I thought I heard you cry Asking me to come...You Are Not Alone (6 words)
Susie like to agitate.Get the boy and...Superfly Sister (3 words)
Let me groove,let me soothe,let me...Break Of Dawn (5 words)
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll...Thriller (4 words)
Out on the floor, there ain't...Rock With You (4 words)
Searching for that one who is going to make me whole.Help me...One More Chance (4 words)
KGB was doggin' me.Take my name and...Stranger In Moscow (4 words)
Kicking me down.I got...Scream (3 words)
Now I wake up everyday with this...You Are My Life (4 words)
Tell him what you do to me.Late at night...Girlfriend (5 words)
And I told about equality and it's true either you're...Black Or White (4 words)
They're out to get you,better leave while you can.Don't wanna be a boy,you wanna...Beat It (3 words)
People always told me be careful what you do and don't go around...Billie Jean (4 words)
I often wonder if lovin' you will be tonight.But what is love girl if I'm...Workin' Day And Night (4 words)
So did you come to me to see your fantasies performed before...Is It Scary (3 words)
Beat me,hate me.You can...They Don't Care About Us (3 words)
Liberian girl,more precious than any pearl...Liberian Girl (4 words)
You're every wonder in this world to me.A treasure...The Lady In My Life (4 words)
You really can't make him hate her.So...Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (5 words)
Carry me like you are my brother.Love me...Will You Be There (3 words)
Cryin' wolf ain't like a man.Throwin'...2 Bad (5 words)
Just kiss me baby and tell me twice.That you're...The Way You Make Me Feel (4 words)
Your love's got me high.I long to get by...I Just Can't Stop Loving You (8 words)
I told my brothers don't you ask me for no favors.I'm conditioned by the system.Don't you talk to...Jam (6 words)
She ran underneath the table.He could see she was unable.So...Smooth Criminal (5 words)
I'm giving you on the count of three to show your stuff...Bad (4 words)
Maybe the walls will tumble and the sun...For All Time (4 words)
LyricsFinish The LyricsSong Title and # of Words
Everything will be alright,he assures her.But she doesn't hear a word...Whatever Happens (3 words)
So let love take us...Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough (3 words)
I'm so proud I am the only one who is...The Girl Is Mine (4 words)
I see the kids on the street with not...Man In The Mirror (3 words)
Time after time I gave you...Leave Me Alone (4 words)
Heal the world.Make it a better place.For...Heal The World (4 words)
Since you seduced her.How does it feel?To know that woman... Blood On The Dance Floor (4 words)
I'm headed for the border.It's on my mind.And nothin' really matter.I've got...Speed Demon (4 words)
Now I've learned that love needs expression but...She's Out Of My Life (4 words)
Shiny and sparkly and splendidly bright.Here one...Gone Too Soon (4 words)
The way she came into the place I knew right then and there.There was something...Dangerous (4 words)
Don't try to understand me.Just simply do...Give In To Me (4 words)
Don't point your finger.Not dangerous.This is our plant...Another Part Of Me (4 words)
I used to dream.I used to glance...Earth Song (3 words)
I caress you,let you taste us,just so blissful listen.I would give you anything baby just make...Butterflies (4 words)
And will the sun ever shine in the...Cry (6 words)
Somebody's out.Somebody's out to use me.They really want to use me and then...This Time Around (3 words)
Where did you come from lady and ooh won't...PYT (4 words)
Looking in my mirror.Took me by surprise.I can't help but see you...I Can't Help It (5 words)
On the go.Got fever...Sunset Driver (3 words)
And when you bury me underneath all your pain.I'm steady...Unbreakable (3 words)
Can't stand to see nobody kissing touching her.Couldn't take nobody loving you...Heaven Can Wait (4 words)
Relax.This won't hurt you.Before I put it in.Close your eyes...Morphine (4 words)
It's been my fate to compensate for...Childhood (5 words)
Cause' there's a chance for chances and the chance is choosin' and I sure would like just...Get On The Floor (4 words)
Ben,the two of us need look no more.We both found what we...Ben (3 words)
You don't have to worry cause' I'm coming.Back to where I...I Wanna Be Where You Are (4 words)
With a child's heart.Turn each...With A Child's Heart (3 words)
No matter how hard the task may seem.Don't give up...We're Almost There (7 words)
He rocks in the tree tops all day long.Hoppin' and a-boppin' and...Rockin' Robin (3 words)
Won't you stay with me until the mornin' sun.I promise you now that the...Baby Be Mine (4 words)
I watched you on the floor...Just Good Friends (3 words)
He wear no shoe shine.He's got toe jam football.He's...Come Together (3 words)
I never heard a single word about you.Falling in...This Is It (4 words)
LyricsFinish The LyricsSong Title and # of Words
Home with their fathers,snug close and warm,loving their mothers.I see the door simply wide open but...The Lost Children (5 words)
Ain't the pictures enough,why do you go through so much.To get the story you need,so...Privacy (4 words)
Lie for it.Spy for it.Kill for it...Money (3 words)
We've got drug addiction in the minds of the weak.We've got so much corruption.Police brutality.We've got streetwalkers...Why You Wanna Trip On Me (3 words)
It's slander with the words you use.You're a parasite in...Tabloid Junkie (3 words)
I hear you walking cause your body's...Streetwalker (3 words)
Got a mojo in her pocket.Got it...She Drives Me Wild (4 words)
And when you think of trust.Does it lead you home.To a place that you only dream of...Keep The Faith (4 words)
When I'm with you I am lost for words,I...Speechless (5 words)
Half of me you'll never be so you should...Threatened (4 words)
So if you just hold my hand,Baby,I promise that I'll...Hold My Hand (4 words)
Everybody wanting a piece...Breaking News (3 words)
If there's somebody else,he can't love you like me and he says he'll treat you well,he can't...Invincible (4 words)
You're not like anybody I ever knew but that don't mean that I...It's The Falling In Love (5 words)
How many victims must there be slaughtered in vain...HIStory (3 words)
Bass note,treble,stereo control,how...2000 Watts (3 words)
And who gave you the right to shake my baby...Ghosts (3 words)
And together we'll fly.I'll give you my heart.No place too far for us.We...Fly Away (3 words)
Don't you judge of my composure cause I'm bothered everyday and she didn't leave a letter,she...Who Is It (5 words)
He out shock in every single way.He'll stop at nothing just to...D.S. (4 words)
She speaks the lines that can control my mind.Wherever she goes,IHeartbreaker (4 words)
She's from a world of popcorn and candy.Pony rides...Carousel (6 words)
And now I wonder why I breakdown when I cry.Is it something I said or...Can't Let Her Get Away (5 words)
Groove all night.Keep the boogie alright.Get that sound.Everybody just...Burn This Disco Out (3 words)
Everyone came to see the girl that now is dead.So blind state...Little Susie (5 words)
Light up your face with gladness.Hide every...Smile (3 words)
It's almost like dancing and romancing in her arms.It's just a part of it.Can't you see...Beautiful Girl (4 words)
One day in your life,when you find that you're always lonely.For a love we used to share.Just call my name...One Day In Your Life (4 words)
Got to be there,got to be there.Bring her good times and show her that...Got To Be There (3 words)
Just a little bit of you everyday will surely...Just A Little Bit Of You (4 words)
Lipstick in hand.Tahitian tanned in her...Hollywood Tonight (3 words)
I never thought she'd leave me here forever but who knows just...Much Too Soon (4 words)

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