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Motto is 'For God and My Country'.Main languages are English and Swahili.
Heavily inpacted by Aids with 15% of the adults infected with HIV in 2007.Official language is English.
Famous for serving tacos,nachos,taquitos,enchiladas,and quesadillas.South of the USA.
Capital is Asmara.The two dominant religions are Islam and Christianity.
It's only bordering country is Spain.It's current president is Anibal Cavaco Silva.
It's only bordering country is Indonesia.Home to Mount Tavurvur.
This country does not have an army.Motto is 'Virtus Unita Fortior' which translates to 'Strength United Is Stronger'.
Besides being bordered by Somalia,Eritrea,and Ethiopia,it's also bordered by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.It's in Africa.
Official language is French.Has a four letter name.
Surrounded by the countries of Niger,Nigeria,Libya,Sudan,C.A.R,and Cameroon.It's in Africa.
Flag colors are yellow,green,and black.91.2% of the peope who live here are black.
First country to invent paper.Flag's colors are yellow and red.
It's town named Aden is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano.Capital is Sana'a.
Got hit by a major earthquake in 2010.Poorest country in the Americas.
Flag colors are red,white,and green.Famous cities consist of Florence and Rome.
The second most populated country in the world.Official languages are Hindi and English.
Smallest country in the world.The capital is named after the country.
61st largest country.Island country in Asia.
Landlocked country.Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
Formally known as Pleasant Island.Motto is 'God's Will First'.
Was formally known as Formosa.Stardard Mandarin is now the official language.
Flag colors are light blue and yellow.Largest city is Koror.
Currency is the West African CFA Franc.Calling code is 227.
Anthem is Yumi,Yumi,Yumi.Part of the Australasia ecozone.
An island country.Home to Mount Cook,the tallest mountain in this country..
It's capital is not it's largest city.Had a long lasting dispute with Peru.
Current President is Hugo Chavez Frias.Official language is Spanish.
Consists of approximately 1,190 coral islands.One of the countries hit by the 2004 tsunami.
Landlocked country in Central and Southeastern Europe.Eastern Orthodoxy is it's most prominent religion.
Seventh most populated country.Country's flag is green with a big red dot in the middle of it.
This country is a parliamentary democracy.It's in North America.
Official language is Arabic.Labour Day for this country is May 1.
Was once a part of the USSR.Second largest city by population in this country is Kharkiv.
Flag colors consist of only blue and white.The famous Parthenon is here.

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