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Just my dog and I, at the ________________.Well, I didn't wanna bring her.And I know it'll make her worse.
I know your eyes in the morning sun.I feel you touch me in the pouring rain.
The preacher talked with me and he smiled. Said,come and walk with, come and walk one more mile.
Well,you can tell by the way I use my walk,I'm a woman's man,no time to talk.
Would you believe me if I told you your tomorrow is my yesterday?
Oh,girl I've known you very well.I've seen you growing everyday.
Oh my heart won't believe that you have left me.I keep telling myself that it's true.
First I rise,then I fall.Seems lie you don't want the love of this man at all.
I was stood by the light as I looked through your window. With the greatest intention not meaning to see.
I can think of younger days when living for my life was everything a man could want to do.
It's just your ________,you're telling me lies,yeah.__________,you wear a disguise.
Baby,I can't figure it out.Your kisses taste like honey.
Feel I'm going back to ______________.Something's telling me I must go home.
Listen to the ground,there is movement all around.There is something going down and I can feel it.
Here we are in the room full of strangers.Standing in the dark where you eyes couldn't see me.
My baby moves at midnight.Goes right on till the dawn.
I've seen the story,I've read it over once or twice.I said that you say,a little bit of bad advice.
Here I lie in a lost and lonely part of town.Held in time in a world of tears,I slowly drown.
Here am I one sad and lonely guy.One shadow of a the man I used to be.
I could be king of kings, wear a crown and all the things I'd want I'd never need.
Good morning mister sunshine,you brighten up my day.Come sit beside me in your way.
If ever you've got rain in your heart.Some had hurt you,and torn you apart.
I know how I feel.Lonely in the black of night.There can be no love for me now.Nobody listen when the words ain't right.
I never fell in love so easily.Where the four winds blow,I carry on.
I couldn't figure out, why you couldn't give me what everybody needs.I shouldn't let you kick me when I'm down my baby.
Smile an everlasting smile.A smile can bring you near to me.
No,_________________ when you got a good woman to keep it up.No,you can't stand on firmer ground.When love is the question I got enough.
When I was small and Christmas trees were tall.We used to love while others used to play.
You say you don't need me.I know where your love goes.
In the event of something happening to me.There is something I would like you all to see.
Lonely people gathering there to be one.Gonna be the last time wasted.Gonna be seen to be gone.Run a mile for the minute.Gonna mind another day without you in it.
Little child,I have found if I stood up and looked around.I;d see a brand new face staring right back at me.
Summer nights,we made our love in the and.And at the dawn,we held our love hand in hand.
She came on like the night and she held on tight and the world was right when she made love to me.We were free.
I been thinking sitting on a pole.I'm getting sick of doing what I'm told just me and the mirror and my brain.

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