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Forced Order
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I'm asking him to change his ways.And no message could have been any clearer.4
How could this be?You're not here with me.4
I never knew that I was walking the line.Come go with me,I said I have no time.1
I thought she had to have it.Since the first time she came.5
Standing here,baptized in all my tears.3
I have a wife and two children who love me.5
She ran underneathe the table.He could see she was unable.2
Four walls won't hold me tonight.2
When will this mystery unfold.And will the sun ever shine in the blind man's eyes when he cries.1
What have we done to the world.Look at what we've done.2
Scratched my shoulder.It's aching make it feel alright.4
In my heart,I feel that you are all my brothers.3
You cannot cleave it,put it in the furnace.You cannot wet it,you cannot burn it.3
Now I've learned that love needs expression.But I learned too late.5
Billie Jean is always talking when nobody else is talking.4
And who gave you the right to shame my family?1
I love the way you shake your thing,especially.4
Every hot man is out taking a chance.It's not about love and romance and now you're going to get it.5
She said I have to go home cause I'm real tired,you see.2
Unthinkable.Be sitting up in the clouds and we're all alone.3
I tried to keep my sanity.I waited patiently.4
LyricsSongNumber of words
Let love take us through the hours.6
You know that you came and you changed my world.2
We're taking over.We have the truth.4
She told my baby we danced til 3 and she looked at me.2
He told him don't you ever come around here.Don't want to see your face,you better disappear.2
Somebody's out,sombody's out to use me.They really want to use me then falsely accuse me.3
Every morning birds would sing.3
All I got to say is that I must be dreaming.1
Hold my hand.Feel the touch of your body cling to me.3
Like a trip to Heaven.Heaven is the prize.4
They print my message in the Saturday sun.3
Cause there's a time when you're right and you know you must fight.3
He got flat baby.Kick in the back baby.1
I never heard a single word about you.Falling in love wasn't my plan.3
I never felt so in love before.6
Here abandoned in my fame.Armageddon of the brain.3
And they told me.A man should be faithful.4
And if I stop then tell me just what will I do?6
Kicking me down.I got to get up.1
I know this girl is faking cause I've seen her look better.4
Girl close your eyes,let that rhythm get into you3
LyricsSongNumber of words
And it doesn't seem to matter.And it doesn't seem right.3
You're saluting your flag,your country trusts you.Now you're wearing a badge,you're called the just few.1
Beating her voice in her doom.But nobody came to her soon.2
Now is the time when you and I can cuddle close together,yeah.1
Everything will be alright,he assures her.But she doesn't hear a word that he says.2
He want your vote just to remain TA.He don't do half what he say.2
Cause we're the party people night and day,living crazy,that's the only way.3
We're going to have to tell him you'll only be a girlfriend of mine.1
Spark my nature sugar fly with me.3
Nation to nation all the world must come together.1
Have you seen my childhood?I'm searching for that wonder in my youth.1
Slander.You say it's not a sin but with your pen you torture men.2
Your love is magical,that's how I feel.1
You got school teachers who don't want to teach6
You're throwing stones to hide your hands.1
I don't need no dreams when I'm by your side.3
Push it in,stick it out.That's not what it's all about.2
When there are clouds in the sky,you'll get by.1
Her only goal is just to take control.And I can't believe that I can't tell her no.1

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