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Can you name the different effects in Yume Nikki?

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Actions GivenEffect
Allows you to change the hue of the background
Default effect
Allows you to travel faster
Changes your hair colour
Allows you to jiggle
Lets you become invisible
Lets you summon rain
Makes lightning strike in the background (if it's raining)
Lets you summon snow
Allows you to fly
Allows you to play music
Changes your hair length
Lets you attract enemies
Actions GivenEffect
Allows you to be wrapped in this (and sneeze)
Allows you to become a snowman
Make your enemies 'stop'
Allows you to swim faster
Allows your stomach to rumble
You lose your facial features
Turns you literally into this
Lets you light up a dark room
Lets you go back to the Nexus
Allows you to become small and split into as many as seven people at once
Lets you produce “fly markers” to keep track of where you are
Lets you kill your enemies

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