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What movie, after the gang saw it, made Kelso obsessed with it?
In the second episode, titled Eric's Birthday, Eric got two gifts he didn't want. Name one of them.
Whose idea was it to go streaking when the President came to town?
Where was Eric's first job at?
According to Hyde, what are the three branches of government? (Name one.)
What was the name of Eric's gay chemistry lab partner?
What does Fez's name stand for?
What is Kelso's older brother's name?
In Season 7, what city is Jackie offered a job in?
Who is the oldest member of the gang?
What was the name of Red's coworker at the plant?
What did Red bring with him to Laurie's new apartment?
What did Fez and Hyde put in one of Kelso's hubcaps?
Who is the last character seen in the series finale?
Who did Fez loose his virginity to?
What did Hyde, Fez, and Eric put over the door so that it would fall on Kelso?
Refering to the previous question, who did it actually fall on?
Who did Kelso take to Junior Prom?
When Kitty made a surprise party for Hyde, how old was he turning?
What do Kelso and Jackie call girls who aren't pretty?
In the pilot episode, what concert does the gang see?
Refering to the previous question, who has to stay behind and wait in the car?
Which member(s) of the gang has Jackie dated? (If multiple, list them in the order of which she dated them.)
Who was born with a tail?
What did Eric say back to Donna after she said I love you?
Who did Fez pretend to date to get away from Caroline?
What color car does Kitty's sister drive?
What is the name of the radio station Donna works at?
What type of car does Leo give Hyde?
Who is Kelso afraid of on the camping trip before graduation?
Who cheats on Jackie with a nurse?
Who was an underwear model?
What is the pastor's name?
What is the name of the restaurant the gang usually hangs out at?
What is the correct name of the place Hyde and Leo Work?
What game did Kelso and Red try to make smaller paddles for?
How many seasons are there?

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