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Can you name the books we read this year as described by Alex the Large?

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Some bezoomny ptista tried to viddy what was vareeting with a starry veck and a malchick.
Pinky drats some veck and spatted Rose, a devotchka, real horrorshow.
Some poor nazz of a brown veck is clopped about and shooted.
A grazhny veck sells vacuums for a raz and fillies at spywork.
Your Humble Narrator is shooted real horrorshow.
All these lewdies always in the land and made gloopy.
A bezoomny world where lewdies are always dratting and snuffing it, our Narrator viddies some raz-traveling aliens.
Medea drats her malenky malchicks in a fit of razrez
“Praise Bog, a ghost! Pee, I’ve missed you real horrorshow.'
Some bezoomny lewdies wait for a starry veck who never shows his litso and govoreet chepooka.
A right malenky mesto where the lewdies all have bolshy gullivers and filly at theatre.
Heathcliff is a real grahzny bratchny.
Oh my brothers, Bolshy Bratty viddies all.
Willy ruins his son’s jeezny by lubbilubbing with a sharp other than his old em.
Some real bezoomny chellovecks drat a starry soviet banda while in the mental staja.
The old pee and em grieve their own malenky malchik, snuffed in bitva.
Molodoy devotchka becomes too similar to the merzky lewdies she hated real horrorshow, raskazz within a raskazz.
Some veck itties for a bezoomny bit in New York and comes of age real skorry.
The best of droogs turn sour, not an appy polly loggy between them.
These bezoomny chellovecks lubbilubbed the other a bit too horrorshow.

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