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Who kisses Katniss unexpectedly?
Who visits Katniss to prepare her for her pre-tour interview?
Where has Gale been working?
What is the name of Prim's cat?
Who whip's gale?
In what district does Peeta give some of his winning to the families of the victors?
What is Effie's favorite type of wood?(Just cuz)
Who volunteers for Annie at the Quarter Quell
Who is originally chosen as tribute for district 12
Which tribute has her teeth filed into fangs?
Who strips in the elevator?
List all of the allies of Peeta and Katniss(Not including Peeta and Katniss'
Who is the leader of the rebellion against the capitol?
Who runs into the force field?
What is the arena supposed to resemle?
Who steps into the fog to save finnick?
Who saves Peeta from the monkeys?
Who's voice does Katniss hear SECOND from the jabberjays
Who sends a spiel to help get water
Who originally figures out the arena is a clock
Who's plan is it to electrocute tributes?
Who cuts the tracker out of Katniss's arm?
Who shoots an arrow at the dome/arena?
Why does Katniss try to stab Haymitch?

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