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Last Team Played for Prior to ArrestAthleteDetails of Crime (Sentence)
Carolina Panthers(1999) Conspired in murder of his pregnant girlfriend (18-24 years)
New York Giants(2008) Criminal gun possession (shot himself in the leg) and reckless endangerment (2 years)
Miami Dolphins(1999) Rookie convicted of burglary, claimed he only broke into woman's house 'to watch her sleep' (15 years)
Los Angeles Rams(1994) Trafficking cocaine and attempting to murder the judge from drug trial (41 years)
Denver Broncos(2008) Father of 11 children by 10 women convicted of cocaine trafficking (3 years)
San Francisco 49ers (multiple AFL, CFL teams)(2005,2006) Drove his car into three teenagers after a dispute in a pick-up football game, auto theft, attacking girlfriend (31 years)
St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)(1999) Ultimately sentenced under 3rd stike law for passing $2,000 in bad checks, previously murdered 7 people while a member of a black supremecist cult (25 years to life)
San Francisco 49ers(2007) Convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping, 12 years after being acquitted in murder trial (33 years)
Last Team Played for Prior to ArrestAthleteDetails of Crime (Sentence)
Cincinnati Bengals(1999) Convicted of burglarly, stole $130,000 in property to support cocaine habit. Released night before Super Bowl XXIII after being caught using cocaine in bathroom, banned for life from NFL (22 years)
Track & Field(2006) Steroid-using sprinter who once held 100m world record convicted of money laundering, heroin dealing. He still aspires to compete in 2012 Olympics (4-5 years)
San Francisco Giants(2007) Convicted of sexual assault on multiple girls (one aged 12). (45 years)
Philadelphia Phillies(2005) Convicted of attempted murder after attacking 5 farm workers at his Venezuelan home with a machete, attempting to pour gasoline on them and light them on fire (14 years)
Seattle SuperSonics(2006) After approximately 100 previous arrests, 2 time All Star convicted of burglary and sexual battery of an 8 year old girl (life without parole)
Atlanta Hawks(1971, 1972, 1986, 2000) Serial rapist ultimately sentenced for parole violation. Also was briefly a professional boxer and appeared as an actor in commericals and on an episode of Night Court. (>20 years total)
Professional Boxing(2004) Previously jailed for multiple burglaries, rapes, and assaults, he was arrested for speeding, driving without a license, and possession of heroin, pornography (10 years)
St. Louis Blues*(2004) Convicted for hiring a hitman to kill his agent. He still denies this claim, asserting that he really meant to have his father killed. (7 years, served 63 months)

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