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Can you name the NBA MVP rip-offs (players with the greatest differential in win shares compared to the winner)?

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1973/MILDave Cowens/9.90
1962/PHWBill Russell/7.60
1963/SFWBill Russell/7.40
1973/LALDave Cowens/6.20
1961/PHWBill Russell/5.80
1994/SASHakeem Olajuwon/5.70
2006/DALSteve Nash/5.30
2005/MINSteve Nash/5.20
2005/DALSteve Nash/4.70
1964/SFWOscar Robertson/4.40
1978/DENBill Walton/4.30
2008/NOHKobe Bryant/4.00
2006/CLESteve Nash/3.90
1969/NYKWes Unseld/3.90
1957/SYRBob Cousy/3.70
1978/LALBill Walton/3.70
1989/CHIMagic Johnson/3.70
2005/PHOSteve Nash/3.70
1978/SASBill Walton/3.60
1957/PHWBob Cousy/3.50
2005/CLESteve Nash/3.40
1963/CINBill Russell/3.30
1978/CHIBill Walton/3.10
2001/LALAllen Iverson/3.10
2006/DETSteve Nash/3.10
2006/LALSteve Nash/2.90
1957/STLBob Cousy/2.80
1993/CHICharles Barkley/2.80
1994/ORLHakeem Olajuwon/2.60
1978/NYKBill Walton/2.50
1990/CHIMagic Johnson/2.50
2011/MIADerrick Rose/2.50
2006/LACSteve Nash/2.40
1958/SYRBill Russell/2.40
1973/KCODave Cowens/2.20
1978/MILBill Walton/2.20
2006/PHOSteve Nash/2.20
2006/MIASteve Nash/2.00
1961/STLBill Russell/1.90
2001/MILAllen Iverson/1.90
1961/LALBill Russell/1.80
1978/PHOBill Walton/1.70
1978/DETBill Walton/1.70
1997/CHIKarl Malone/1.60
2005/PHOSteve Nash/1.60
1978/PHOBill Walton/1.40
1993/HOUCharles Barkley/1.40
2001/SASAllen Iverson/1.40
2008/CLEKobe Bryant/1.40
2011/ORLDerrick Rose/1.30
2001/UTAAllen Iverson/1.30
1957/FTWBob Cousy/1.20
2001/TORAllen Iverson/1.10
2005/HOUSteve Nash/1.10
1958/DETBill Russell/1.00
1973/NYKDave Cowens/1.00
1984/UTALarry Bird/1.00
1993/UTACharles Barkley/1.00
1987/CHIMagic Johnson/1.00
1963/LALBill Russell/0.90
1963/STLBill Russell/0.80
1990/PHIMagic Johnson/0.80
2011/NOHDerrick Rose/0.80
2008/PHOKobe Bryant/0.80
1978/PHIBill Walton/0.70
2015/HOUStephen Curry/0.70
1970/LALWillis Reed/0.60
2005/WASSteve Nash/0.60
1998/UTAMichael Jordan/0.60
1981/LALJulius Erving/0.50
2015/LACStephen Curry/0.40
1970/NYKWillis Reed/0.40
2001/ORLAllen Iverson/0.40
1979/LALMoses Malone/0.30
1978/SEABill Walton/0.30
2001/SASAllen Iverson/0.30
2005/SASSteve Nash/0.30
1961/CINBill Russell/0.20
1963/CHZBill Russell/0.20
1965/CINBill Russell/0.10
1962/CINBill Russell/0.10
1969/BOSWes Unseld/0.10
1973/BOSDave Cowens/0.10
2005/MIASteve Nash/0.10
2005/MIASteve Nash/0.10

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