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Can you name the AL Cy Young rip-offs?

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1990/BOSBob Welch/7.60
1992/BOSDennis Eckersley/5.90
1992/BALDennis Eckersley/5.30
1982/TORPete Vuckovich/4.90
1993/KCRJack McDowell/4.90
1977/CALSparky Lyle/4.60
1990/CALBob Welch/4.60
1970/CLEJim Perry/4.50
1977/CALSparky Lyle/4.10
1977/BALSparky Lyle/3.80
1969/DETMike Cuellar/3.70
1973/MINJim Palmer/3.60
1979/BOSMike Flanagan/3.40
1979/MINMike Flanagan/3.30
2005/MINBartolo Colon/3.20
1992/CLEDennis Eckersley/3.20
1984/TORWillie Hernandez/3.10
1976/DETJim Palmer/3.00
1982/CLEPete Vuckovich/2.90
1990/TORBob Welch/2.80
1971/CHWVida Blue/2.70
1970/BALJim Perry/2.60
1979/NYYMike Flanagan/2.60
1993/SEAJack McDowell/2.50
1984/CLEWillie Hernandez/2.40
1992/CHWDennis Eckersley/2.40
1979/TEXMike Flanagan/2.30
1980/KCRSteve Stone/2.20
1990/OAKBob Welch/2.20
1977/MINSparky Lyle/2.00
1977/DETSparky Lyle/2.00
1982/BALPete Vuckovich/2.00
1980/OAKSteve Stone/1.90
1993/NYYJack McDowell/1.90
1992/TEXDennis Eckersley/1.90
1977/KCRSparky Lyle/1.90
1973/DETJim Palmer/1.80
1983/KCRLaMarr Hoyt/1.80
1969/MINMike Cuellar/1.70
1982/BOSPete Vuckovich/1.70
1983/BALLaMarr Hoyt/1.70
1974/CLECatfish Hunter/1.70
1973/CLEJim Palmer/1.60
1982/SEAPete Vuckovich/1.60
1979/NYYMike Flanagan/1.60
1983/NYYLaMarr Hoyt/1.60
2001/NYYRoger Clemens/1.50
1967/CHWJim Lonborg/1.40
1973/CALJim Palmer/1.40
1982/DETPete Vuckovich/1.40
1979/DETMike Flanagan/1.40
1983/CHWLaMarr Hoyt/1.40
1973/CHWJim Palmer/1.20
1976/OAKJim Palmer/1.10
1977/BOSSparky Lyle/1.10
1977/NYYSparky Lyle/1.10

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