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Can you name the four letter words in this Christopher Nolan word ladder?

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★★Nolan's first $500M film, 'The ____ Knight'★★
Explosive cry of a dog
Without covering or clothing
★★Actor from 5 Nolan films★★
★★Villain from Nolan film to be released on July 20★★
Part of a skeleton
Ice cream holder
A secretive system of communication
Travelled by moving vehicle
Loose flowing garment
Former Virginia Senator Chuck _____, who chaired the Iraq Intelligence Commission
★★Shared primary character name from both 'Inception' and Nolan's debut 'Following'★★
Ears of corn
Games which require rounded pegs
Devices to connect multiple ethernet cables
Common at airport terminals
★★Actor who played Robert Angier in 'The Prestige'★★
MLB Pitcher from the 1990's Tim ____
Breed of dogs with short, muzzled faces
Small carpets
What close acquantainces might call comedian Brand
Common term for the oxidation of iron
★★'Insomnia' saw Al Pacino's character not getting much of this★★
An annoying person or thing
★★'Memento' character Leonard Shelby has a hard time remembering this★★

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