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What does Rocky eat before running at 4:00am? 
Rocky Balboa
What is the famous line that Rocky tells Rocky Jr. outside of Adrian's Restaurant? 
Rocky III
What does Apollo claim that Rocky has lost, but he once had this? 
Rocky II
What does Adrian say to fire Rocky up to beat Apollo? 
Rocky IV
What does Drago say to Rocky at the beginning of their fight? 
Rocky V
What does Mickey give Rocky in a flashback that Rock has while going up to the old gym where he used to train? 
Mickey says this to Rocky after those two girls leave the gym? 
Rocky Balboa
Who hangs around Adrian's Restaurant and occasionally helps Rocky wash dishes? 
Rocky III
Who ultimately helps Rocky overcome his fear of losing what he has? 
Rocky II
What does Rocky chase after in Mickey's training regime? 
Rocky IV
What does Drago say that Rocky is during their fight? 
Rocky V
Who does Rocky beat up in the steet scene? 

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