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Can you determine whether or not these statements about Borderline Personality Disorder are true or false?

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StatementTrue (t) or False (f)
8-10% of people with BPD have commited suicide.
BPD is less known than Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, yet it is more common than both.
Those diagnosed are among people with the highest risk for suicide.
People with BPD are often underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other mental illnesses
People with BPD are more likely to be abusive.
Diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic back pain, Arthritis, & Fibromyalgia often occur with BPD
People with BPD have an increased risk for anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, eating disorders, and substance abuse.
In order to be diagnosed, only one test is needed
BPD was listed in the DSM-III for the first time in 1960.
BPD affects 0.2% of adults.
StatementTrue (t) or False (f)
75% of people with BPD have attempted suicide.
79% of people have stopped meeting the criteria after at least four years of hospitalization.
70% of people with BPD also meet the criteria for other mental illnesses
Everyone with BPD has unstable relationships.
75% of those diagnosed are male.
40-71% of patients with BPD have reported being sexually abused.
In order to be professionally diagnosed, someone has to fit four out of the nine criteria.
BPD usually appears in someone's teens or early twenties
50% of people have recovered completely after hospitalization.
70% of people with BPD have self harmed.

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