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'My friend confessed she passed the test, and we will never sever'
'All it takes is one decision, a lot of guts, a little vision'
'Expert levitation forward, polished to the nth degree'
'So I came down to crash and burn your beggars banquet. Someone call the ambulance...'
'Beauty lies inside the eye of another youthful dream'
'Since I was born, I started to decay, now nothing ever, ever goes my way'
''If it's a bad case, then you accelerate, you're in the getaway car.'
'These clouds we're seeing, they're explosions in the sky'
'Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you'
'I'd fill your every breath with meaning, and find the place we both could hide'
'Don't leave me here, to cast through time, without a map or road sign'
'I wrote a poem that described her world, and put our friendship to the test'
'Cruising for a piece of fun, looking out for number one'
'See how deep the bullet lies, unaware that I'm tearing you asunder'
'At the time they cut me free, I was brimming with defiance'
'Hold your breath and count to ten; then fall apart and start again'
'It may be an elaborate fantasy, but it's the perfect place to start.'
'Out on a limb in the carnival of me, raising the temperature one hundred degrees'
'It's hard to reconcile what I've become, with the wounded child hiding deep inside'
'I wrote this novel just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue'

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