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Michael Meyers
entire film shot by video camera
you die in seven days after watching a video
film that inspired 'the grudge'
occurred in a small town on Long Island
beware camp crystal lake
'the power of christ compels you'
creepy child antichrist
don't fall asleep
classic horror film of the 90's
jennifer love hewitt, sarah michelle gellar
running zombies
fear the ocean
group of cannibals attack a family on their way through a desert
the greatest horror hoax
'they're here'
'_ _ where'd ya get those peepers'
the bell witch movie
individuals paid to stay in a haunted house
Alaska and vampires
the full moon transforms man into beast
never deny an old woman an extension on her home loan
its not the house, its your son
scariest clown ever
an Alfred Hitchcock film
'here's johnny'
George Romero's 1968 classic
famous video game
Sigourney Weaver nominated for an oscar in sequel to this iconic movie
Count _
Scott Speedman & Liv Tyler
prom night will never be the same
scariest rubik's cube ever
'sometimes......dead is better'
a place where the wealthy pay to kill
before black swan there was...
based on irving washingtons story
medical students playing God
based on the real life case of Anneliese Michel
'I see dead people'
crew members on a spaceship wake up from hyper sleep to find out monsters have taken over the ship
Wes Cravens debut film
alien abduction
flesh-eating virus and college graduates
Tim Robbins stars in this psychological horror film
psychologically creepy french film
murders take place during christmas break
psychologist uses hypnosis to discover frightening tales
bizarre rituals and paganism
Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes
shopping mall becomes a refuge against flesh eaters
never go scuba diving again
religious fanaticism vs. prehistoric creatures
shares the same name as a cookie
'I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti'
based on actual events
one of the scariest japanese films ever made
remake of REC
virus spread through the water system
scary little girl is not a little girl
cult kids
female mountain climbers
video game
film based on Australia's worst serial killer
family of killers
beware the dark
jlo and vince vaugn starred in this flick
has children that can not be in sunlight
quentin tarantino wrote this vampire movie
'sweets to the sweet'
novelist held captive by his biggest fan
cult classic
based on Mary Shelley's novel
the original vampire film
shape shifting alien

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