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Can you name the movies from the Characters in the movie?

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Zeke Tyler / Stokely 'Stokes' Mitchell / Delilah Profitt
Raiden / Sub-Zero / Sonya Blade
Bricktop / Turkish / Boris 'The Blade'
Richard Bagg / Taj Mahal Bandalandabad / Sick Boy
Bacon / Soap / Hatchet Harry
Matt Buckner / Pete Dunham / Tommy Hatcher
Lurtz / Isildur / Gimli
Swan / Ajax / Snow
Slider / Jester / Cougar
Zeberdee / Billy Bright / Tommy Johnson
Patches O'Houlihan / Steve the Pirate / Blazer
Shooter McGavin / Chubbs / Mr Larson
Lt. Topper Harley / Romanda Thompson / Pete 'Dead Meat' Thompson
Rubeus Hagrid / Dudley Dursley / Professor Quirinus Quirrell
Sphinx / Donny Astricky / Mirron Man
Bootstrap Bill / Cutler Beckett / Davy Jones
Toad / Magneto / Logan
Marcus Burnett / Mike Lowrey / Johnny Tapia
Proximo / Juba / Commodus
Anck Su Namun / Rick O'Connell / Imhotep
Apollo Creed / Paulie / Ivan Drago
Whistler / Sommerfield / Drake
Harry Hogge / Rowdy Burns / Russ Wheeler
Bishop / Newt / Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Pappas / Bodhi / Warchild
Casey Ryback / William Stranix / Cmdr. Krill
Junior Battle / Worm / Jason Lyle
Leo Getz / Detective Lee Butters / Benny 'Uncle Benny' Chan
Mr Goodkat / The Boss / The Rabbi
Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass / Jerry 'Rev' Harris / Julius Campbell
Billy Bob / Charlie Tweeder / Coach Bud Kilmer

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