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God of all gods.
Goddess of love and lust.
God of war.
Goddess of agriculture.
God of wine.
Goddess of war and wisdom.
God of the sea, wind, and horses.
God of flight.
God of music and poetry.
Goddess of the hunt.
Goddess of the home.
God of the underworld.
Goddess of marriage.
God of intelligence.
God of time.
God of leadership.
God of light.
God of mortal lifespan.
Goddess of memory.
God of salt water.
Goddess of intellect.
Goddess of fertility.
Goddess of Subterranean forces.
Goddess of sight, gold, silver, and gems.
Goddess of divine law and order.
God of love.
Goddess of the rainbow.
Goddess of magic.
Goddess of the moon.
God of the sun.
God of the dead.
God of the universe.
Goddess of night.
God of strength.
Goddess of dawn.
Goddess of the sunset.
Goddess of vengeance.
Goddess of heavy rain.
Goddess of snow.
God of the forge.
Goddess of the stars.
God of the north wind.
Goddess of victory.

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