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Early Country (1)
Early Country (2)
Early Country (talent scout)
Country Blues (1)
Country Blues (2)
Urban Blues (1)
Urban Blues (2)
Urban Blues (3)
Jazz (1)
Ragtime (1)
Ragtime (2)
Tin Pan Alley (1)
Tin Pan Alley (2)
Tin Pan Alley (3)
Tin Pan Alley (4)
Minstrelsy (1)
Themes of Tradition (1)
Themes of Tradition (2)
Themes of Tradition (3)
Themes of Tradition (4)
Themes of Tradition (5)
Streams of Music (1)
Streams of Music (2)
Streams of Music (3)
Early Country 1 - Famous Song
Country Blues 1 - Famous Song
First inductee Country Music HOF
Race Records established this decade
Form of Blues Music
Jazz 1 - Band
First black ragtime composer
Invented 1877
Invented 1920
Invented 1925
Tin Pan Alley - what city
Form of Tin Pan Alley songs
Strophe is another word for
Type of music about racism/unemployment
First American pop star
Complaint followed by resolution
March king
Year of first jazz recording
Came out of blues and black music
Early jazz music sounded like
Wrote 'Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair'
Country music originally called
Upbeat and controversial music
Started as whites making fun of blacks
Called musical flea market
Wrote I Got Rhythm
Used manipulated phrasing
First white performer as blackface entertainer
Wrote 'Jim Crow'
First full-time pro songwriter
Brass bands existed in the...
Theatrical form of music
Wrote 'After the Ball'
Ragtime = any music that contains...
Ragtime means '-- --'
Ragtime evidenced --- of black music
Wrote 'Maple Leaf Rag'
Form of Maple Leaf Rag
Complex forms
Simple forms
No dissonance
No riffs
Double entendre
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