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Forced Order
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To give
To examine, investigate, inspect, research
To get better, recover
To be happy, rejoice
To wait, be patient
To sink, submerge, immerse, drown, dive
To deliver, give, offer, remove
To be enough, sufficient, adequate
To help, aid, protect, defend, support, promote
It is possible
To roast
To meet, find, come upon, run across
To be troubled, disturbed
To forget
To search, seek, look for, find, obtain, get
To expel, repel, force out, chase away
To stink, smell bad
To pull, draw, drag, smoke, charm, attract, tempt
To be late, delayed, slowed down
To call
To get, find, obtain, achieve, attain, suffer an illness
To urinate
To boil
To tell
To cut, divide, chop, break, sever
To decrease, reduce, lessen
To cough
To guard, protect, defend, ward off
To protect, guard, preserve, conserve, remember, memorize
To choose, pick out
To sneeze
To assist, help, tend, serve
To pay
To place, put, set, keep, store, lay aside
To steal, rob
To explain, give directions, direct, show the way
To vomit
To hurt
To blaze, burn, shine
To feel, perceive, sense
To ask, interrogate, question
To increase, add to, augment
To bake
To reduce, decrease, diminish, reduce, lessen

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