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To finish, complete, conclude, end
To want
To try
To be called (i.e. your name)
To ask, beg, plead, pray for
To think
To like/love
To be able to do something/Can
To be forgiven, pardoned, saved
To rush, hurry
To live
To die
To go, go away, proceed
To remember
To see
To answer/respond
To speak, utter
To sell, offer for sale
To fly, jump, hop
To fasten, bind, lock, tie
To play
To count, calculate, reckon, consider
To drink
To return, come back
To fall down, crash, come down, drop, fail
To use
To converse, engage in conversation, talk
To stand up
To eat
To cry, weep, despair, lose hope
To view/watch
To buy
To teach
To come from (e.g. Australia)
To do, make
To send, deliver, escort
To be tired, weary, disappointed
To hear
To come
To leave, depart
To need
To walk
To cook
To speak
To listen
To kill, murder, destroy
To hope, believe
To stay/sit/live
To get lost, be lost, disappear
To arrive, reach, get to
To hate, dislike
To build
To climb, get on, mount, get into vehicle, grow
To hit
To wake
To have
To write
To sleep
To sing
To ruin, damage, destroy, spoil
To know
To laugh
To rest, relax
To study/read/learn

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