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Well-advanced or competent in any art, science, or subject; skilled (adjective - 10 letters)
Having a great deal of courage or nerve (adjective - 5 letters)
To continue to be or live (verb - 5 letters)
Too small to be important (adjective - 13 letters)
A substance having no effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who believes it to be a medicine (noun - 7 letters)
To change somewhat the form or qualities of (verb - 6 letters)
Done intentionally (adjective - 10 letters)
Not trustworthy (adjective - 10 letters)
A person who lacks courage in facing danger (noun - 6 letters)
To nibble at (verb - 4 letters)
Acting in a thoughtless way (adjective - 13 letters)
Any large, busy city (noun - 10 letters)
To suck up, drink in, or soak up (a liquid) (verb - 6 letters)
To or on a lower floor (noun - 10 letters)
Born in a particular place or country (adjective - 6 letters)
To make or keep cold or cool (verb - 11 letters)
Hand clapping as a demonstration of approval (noun - 8 letters)
Submissive or compliant; tame (adjective - 4 letters)
The charge to send a letter or item by mail, using a stamp (adjective - 7 letters)
Having qualities that are worthy of love (adjective - 7 letters)
To light up (verb - 10 letters)
Existing only in the mind; not real (adjective - 9 letters)
Talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others (noun - 6 letters)
An animal that eats flesh (noun - 9 letters)
To engage in deep thought or reflection; sometimes relates to religion (adjective - 8 letters)
A main division of a book, usually bearing a number or title (noun - 7 letters)
Extraordinary in some bad way (adjective - 9 letters)
Capable of catching fire and burning (adjective - 11 letters)
A success or triumph over an enemy in battle or war (noun - 7 letters)
A demand, as by applause, for a repetition of a song, act, etc. (noun - 6 letters)

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