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Mozarts is widely praised as one of the greatest
It's today (yes now it's here)
Unqualified sometimes (but usually not)
In Euclidean Geomery there's only one of these for any given line and point
Train stations and Parties have them
We did it to plants and got crops
Henningian Systematics, the reason you are a bony fish
Another name for name
A tangible example of something abstract
Causes mad cow disease
Gregs master thesis was on ? paleontology
Disproves speciation if fertile, now also seen on the road
Bears do it, Bees do it
Overlaps both lithosphere and atmosphere
Beat to pump
Restoration of youth
A partitioning
Concerend mostly with humans
John had one. It has beasts and **** in it.
Lot's of Oohs and Aahs in the Bohemian
The masses cling to it
Not fillibuster proof
Boltzmanns S
An area of france known for its wine
Constructive boundary, Great Valley in Africa
Religious axiom
Exhalted happiness
Severe dislike
One of the 3 Omnis preceeding theistic deities
Newton used it to break something
An adjective with ample applications pertaining Glam Rock and Gay Pride Events
Milo went to College, but you knew about that
Member of the Isoptera
Path an object takes
This is a hint
Division by zero
According to Kuhn science switches between them
Kant and Descartes were important figures in it
f(10)=1, f(100)=2, f(1000)=3
Memory loss
x*x+1 in R
A frequency that results in secondary sound sources
Formed in a straight line
Regular 5-edged shape
Poorly constructed
These whisphers include me
Appliance making use of the conservation of angular momentum
A mixture of hydrocarbons
Because Freddy Quicksilver would've sounded weird
End of the world
Can't prove it
To bless a site (or maybe a time)
Faster than the speed of sound
Stratigraphically useful traces of life
It's the cause of the microwave background
Pertaining to Don
Neither igneous nor metamorphic
The Automatic Man is one
Drill holes in heads for a living
Accepting a negative effect for the benefit of others
Somebody with a literal interpretation of something
R has this property, Q doesn't
Fine tuning an apparatus or a method
They are composed of amino acids
Hebrew: 'Saviour'
Religion according to Karl, silicon according to Brett
Not Phenotype
They Will Save The Whales
Attach a number to something
You can only be infected by things that have this property
Bone densiometer
Richard is one of the new ones
Trained like a dog
Kids Of The Black Hole
Finds True North
To hold back
What the Internet is for
Using precise reasoning
Not something that can be stopped or changed
Mayflies got their scientific name from this term
A sudden insight, often false
Maher's old show
Foodwebs are but one interaction in this
One of the holy cities of Islam
The science and philosophy of law
Volcanism:yes, Errosion:no
It's bliss they say
High Priest
A set with n elements has n! of them
Consequences of actions
The Holometabola(=Endopterygota) undergoes this procress
You can pledge this
Bismark coined this term
The state of being wrinkeld
Made from Velvet
Neither Rays nor Sharks
To leap (cautiously in song)
перестройка & гласность
What Hutton couldn`t find for either end
What popes are since 1870
Binary Division
To agree with
Mostly used for automated budget cuts these days
Not uniformitarists
Murders and manslaughters
Growing old
Stare at it long enough - it will stare back

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