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Can you name the teams who qualified for the UEFA Champions League 2010-11?

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Round EnteredTeam NameCountry / Finishing Position
1st QualifyingMontenegro (1st)
1st QualifyingAndorra (1st)
1st QualifyingMalta (1st)
1st QualifyingSan Marino (1st)
2nd QualifyingBulgaria (1st)
2nd QualifyingCzech Republic (1st)
2nd QualifyingNorway (1st)
2nd QualifyingAustria (1st)
2nd QualifyingSerbia (1st)
2nd QualifyingIsrael (1st)
2nd QualifyingCyprus (1st)
2nd QualifyingSweden (1st)
2nd QualifyingSlovakia (1st)
2nd QualifyingPoland (1st)
2nd QualifyingCroatia (1st)
2nd QualifyingFinland (1st)
2nd QualifyingLithuania (1st)
2nd QualifyingIreland (1st)
2nd QualifyingLatvia (1st)
2nd QualifyingSlovenia (1st)
2nd QualifyingBelarus (1st)
2nd QualifyingBosnia and Herzegovina (1st)
2nd QualifyingHungary (1st)
2nd QualifyingIceland (1st)
2nd QualifyingMoldova (1st)
2nd QualifyingGeorgia (1st)
Round EnteredTeam NameCountry / Finishing Position
2nd QualifyingMacedonia (1st)
2nd QualifyingAzerbaijan (1st)
2nd QualifyingEstonia (1st)
2nd QualifyingAlbania (1st)
2nd QualifyingKazakhstan (1st)
2nd QualifyingArmenia (1st)
2nd QualifyingWales (1st)
2nd QualifyingNorthern Ireland (1st)
2nd QualifyingFaroe Islands (1st)
2nd QualifyingLuxembourg (1st)
3rd QualifyingBelgium (1st)
3rd QualifyingSwitzerland (1st)
3rd QualifyingDenmark (1st)
3rd QualifyingRussia (3rd)
3rd QualifyingUkraine (2nd)
3rd QualifyingNetherlands (2nd)
3rd QualifyingRomania (2nd)
3rd QualifyingPortugal (2nd)
3rd QualifyingTurkey (2nd)
3rd QualifyingGreece (3rd)
3rd QualifyingScotland (2nd)
3rd QualifyingBelgium (2nd)
3rd QualifyingSwitzerland (2nd)
Play-OffEngland (4th)
Play-OffItaly (4th)
Play-OffFrance (3rd)
Round EnteredTeam NameCountry / Finishing Position
Play-OffGermany (3rd)
Play-OffSpain (4th)
Group StageItaly (1st)
Group StageEngland (1st)
Group StageEngland (2nd)
Group StageEngland (3rd)
Group StageSpain (1st)
Group StageSpain (2nd)
Group StageSpain (3rd)
Group StageItaly (2nd)
Group StageItaly (3rd)
Group StageGermany (1st)
Group StageGermany (2nd)
Group StageFrance (1st)
Group StageFrance (2nd)
Group StageRussia (1st)
Group StageRussia (2nd)
Group StageUkraine (1st)
Group StageNetherlands (1st)
Group StageRomania (1st)
Group StagePortugal (1st)
Group StageTurkey (1st)
Group StageGreece (1st)
Group StageScotland (1st)

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