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Can you name the Anne of Green Gables series characters by their first lines of dialogue?

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'It's so strange Gilbert picked you. He could have had so many nice girls.'6
'Mummy's coming home today, home today, home today ...'6
'Pardon me — may I offer you the shelter of my umbrella?'3
'Of course it would be romantic. But I know I couldn't keep still.'1
'Suppose you jump up and tell her so yourself.'1
'Give me a spunky woman — spunk for me every time.'7
'Why, I guess so.'1
'Perhaps you think you are above rules, Miss Shirley.'4
'Ugly old Aunt Maywia.'6
'I suppose you are Mr Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables?' 1
'You mean Mrs Captain MacComber?'4
'I — I came for a drink.'7
'I'll just step over to Green Gables after tea and find out from Marilla where he's gone and why.'1
'Very poorly — very poorly, Cornelia. I am afraid she will soon be in heaven, poor thing!'5
'Anne Shirley, what does this mean?'1
'I've brought my work, Mrs Blythe, dearie. I'm in a hurry to get this done, and there isn't any time to lose.'5
'Anne, do you own that animal?'3
'Mrs Reese, will you kindly return me that goose?'7
'Yes, ma'am. Come in, ma'am.'2
'Davy made me walk the pigpen fence. I didn't want to but he called me a fraid-cat.'2
'I'd rather not be buried at all, but if I had to be I'd like the ant-bed.'7
'We were just imitating howling dervishes, so of course we had to howl.'6
'If a kiss could be seen I think it would look like a violet.'2
'Do you feel any better now?'7
'I'm right down pleased to meet you, Mistress Blythe; and I hope you'll be as happy as the first bride was who came here.'5
'Merciful goodness!'1
'No, I don't.'5
'I'm not expecting a girl. It's a boy I've come for.'1
'Oh, mother, surely the babies are never hungry — oh, not the babies, mother!'8
'Rebecca, suppose just as you were ready to get into bed you felt your ankle nipped?'4
'I don't know whether I'm myself or a custard pie.'7
'Please, teacher, I found these in Mr Wright's field, and I came back to give them to you because I thought you were the kind of lady that would like them ...'2
'I'm Mary Vance.'7
'Charlotta the Fourth says that you wished to see me.'2
'Carrots! Carrots!'1
'I don't believe it. I don't believe anybody could walk a ridgepole.'1
'I believe you! Mark my words, Mr Meredith, that man is going to fight somebody yet.'7
'Oh, I want to know who you two girls are. I've been dying to know.'3
'I'd like that little hollow under the weeping birch.'7
'I'm not going to put up with this, not a day longer, do you hear, miss.'2
'How do you go about taking it?'6
'I don't believe you mean it. You don't look like a lady who'd whip a little boy just 'cause he couldn't keep still.'2
'Oh, look at the nithe wainbow!'6
'I wouldn't say just that. Both of them wrote a great deal of trash.'8
'It's a very old-fashioned way. But I am old-fashioned. My clothes are, and it stands to reason my opinions are, too.'3
'Nor I. I don't mind floating down when there's two or three of us in the flat and we can sit up.'1
'Good evening, Rachel. This is a real fine evening, isn't it?'1
'But you've done good work this past year, and you deserve a good, jolly vacation.'1

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