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In 'The Jimmy', who sings a song to Kramer at a benefit for the mentally handicapped?
Which two characters were always dressed in clothes that were intentionally the wrong size?
In 'The Wallet', why does Mr. Seinfeld throw away the wallet Jerry gives him?
What type of car is in a poster on the wall of Jerry's apartment?
In 'The Keys', what is Kramer's character's name on Murphy Brown?
In 'The Contest', what song does Jerry sing to distract himself from the naked woman across the street?
What is the only episode that George is not in?
In 'The Marine Biologist', what type of golfball did George pull out of the 'great fish'?
In 'The Red Dot', what brand of alcohol do they drink?
In 'The Dinner Party', how long is Jerry's throw-up strike?
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With 101 epsiodes, which character (besides the main 4) is in the most epsiodes?
In 'The Fatigues', what comedian is obsessed with all things that dissolve in milk?
In 'The Revenge', who plays Newman?
In 'The Gymnast', who makes a speech as Hitler?
What Seinfeld phrase was named #1 of TV Guide's 20 top catchphrases?
According to the episode 'The Dog', in what year did Elaine move to New York?
In 'The Wizard', many newspapers with headlines about Kramer are shown. State one of the headlines about another person involved in the show.
What was the original air date of the series finale?
In the pilot episode, what was the name of the waitress who was supposed to be a returning character?

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