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Can you name the TV shows these break-ups appeared in?

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Break-upTV ShowCouple
His wife shows up from New York. She didn't know he was married. He picks the wife.
He leaves a post-it saying 'I'm sorry, I can't. Don't hate me.'
She simply tells him she's had enough...and then jumps off a bridge.
He thought they were on a break. She wasn't convinced.
She leaves in the middle of their wedding to go write a book and never returns.
He finds out she is a serial killer. His mom hits her over head with a TV and they call the cops. She is later electrocuted in prison.
They sleep together and he becomes happy and thereby becomes evil. She kills him. He comes back to life and then they break-up.
He leaves her for the second time in the middle of a dance marathon.
He finds her fake-pregnancy belly. This goes over poorly.
He finds out she has been having an affair with his dad.
Break-up at senior prom, on a boat.
His school sweetheart wanted to remain a virgin until marriage. So, he cheated on her and she caught him in the act.
He leaves his job in Chicago to go to Seattle. She's left behind, pregnant, with twins.
She takes on the properties of rocks that make him sick. They must part ways.
He says the wrong name in his vows. She sees this as an issue.
He kisses her newly discovered half sister during a guitar lesson.
She has cold feet but is determined to go through with their wedding. He leaves instead. She is cut out of her wedding dress.
They realize they have become boring and fat as a couple and break-up.
He convinces her to turn her dad in for burning down the family restaurant and dealing drugs. She says she'll never speak to him again.
He kissed someone else on the senior ski trip. He says it didn't mean anything but she doesn't understand.

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