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Can you name the trivia about Remus J Lupin?

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When is Lupin's birthday?
Who bit Lupin, turning him into a werewolf?
What house was Lupin in at Hogwarts?
What was planted to hide Lupin at Hogwarts?
What was built to hide Lupin at Hogwarts?
While at Hogwarts, Lupin and his friends create this helpful device for rule-breaking,
What class does Lupin teach at Hogwarts?
What feature makes Lupin recognize Harry when they first meet?
What spell does Lupin teach Harry during private lessons?
What does Snape prepare for Lupin to make his transformations less painful?
What form does Lupin's boggart take?
Besides a boggart, name one of the four animals students must get past during Lupin's final exam.
Who does Lupin marry?
Which of the seven Harrys does Lupin escort to the Burrow?
What name does Lupin use for himself on Potterwatch?
What other member of the Order of the Phoenix appears with Lupin on Potterwatch?
What is Lupin's son's name?
Who kills Lupin?
On what date did he die?
After his death/ Lupin reappears briefly through the use of what magical object?

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