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Can you name the items on these How I Met Your Mother Lists?

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Diffusing the Bomb: Topics to Distract Robin
Catch Phrases
Barney's way of saying get ready to meet women 
Phrase uttered by Jed Mosly in The Wedding Bride 
Barney always things are going to be ___ 
Barney's Beginner Tips for Picking Up Chicks
Ted Mosby 
Barney Stinson 
Marshall Erikson 
Lily Aldrin 
Robin Scherbatsky 
Narrator (older Ted Mosby) 
Barney's Old Men List
Fake Barney #1 
Fake Barney #2 
Fake Barney #3 
Top Ten Things Barney Would Have Called His Truck
Romantic Gestures
Ted steals this for Robin 
Stella is short on time, Ted squeezes a date into this amount of time 
Lily and Marshall always bring each other this from a trip 
Ted does this so Robin doesn't go camping with Sandy Rivers 
About Ted and Stella's relationship 
Ted's favorite movie 
Ted tells Stella this is the worst movie ever 
Robin's example of a bad movie (horrifies Ted) 
Adult film starring 'Ted Mosby' filmed in Ted's aparyment 
Made Up Things
Name for the creature living in the apartment 
Unfortunately means Down Wind of the Sewage Treatment Plant 
This holiday is a result of a slap bet 
Barney's made up holiday 
Game Barney plays with himself based on Playboy 
Stands for MILSWANCA 
End a date within a minute if things aren't going well 
When you can't speak to women because of a bad relationship 
Ted uses this instead of telling his kids people were smoking pot 
Marshall's euphemism for defecating 
Losing your virginity (when talking to Robin's sister) 
Instead of 'I'm going to have a threesome' 
The neighbors were totally doing this, not making love loudly 
Lily's name for Marshall 
Marshall's name for Lily 
Marshall's name on the skeeball high scores 
Barney's nickname after being called this by a girl in a coffee shop 
Ted's radio name in college 
Robin's names when she was a Canadian pop star 
Marshall's nickname from playing basketball in high school 
Plays from the Playbook
Tell woman Ted slipped something in her drink 
Dress up as a housekeeper 
Requires basic knowledge of website design 
It's all about the Smoon 
Involves expensive hair extensions  
Go to the top of the Empire State Building 
Tell woman you were left at the altar 
Dress up as a genie 
Begin by telling a female friend about the playbook 
The Murtaugh List
Ted's profession 
Where Barney and Marshall work together 
Marshall's profession 
Lily's profession 
First station Robin works for 
Name of Robin's morning show 
Barney's answer anytime someone asks what he does 
Business Ted starts in his apartment 
Ex-Boyfriends and Girlfriends
Left Ted at the altar 
Lily's high school boyfriend 
Ted's girlfriend who left him to attend culinary school in Paris 
Marshall's brunch-going 'boyfriend' while Lily is in California 
Robin's co-host and boyfriend 
Ted's college girlfriend 
Receptionist who falls for Ted and ends up 'dating' Barney 
Has Ted on the hook 
Ted Waits for her every Halloween 
Ted has her on a hook and accidentally proposes 
Ted breaks up with her on her birthday, twice 

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