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Colby's probably thinking 'I might as well become a woman because I just got owned by Coach
I don't think women take to me very well.
We can't get a female alliance together, because Caryn sucks.
You're mass goes up at a faster rate that surface area.
I'm the biggest b*tch on the planet.
You got a lot to learn buddy. You disgust me.
Christina's IQ is probably a zero.
Voting Confessional: First time for paranoia, second time for irritation, and third time because my ear infection is clearing up.
You're like the cockroach that won't die under the refrigerator.
You're crazy! You officially go down as the dumbest survivor ever. In the history of Survivor. EVER.
This vote is not strategic, it's strictly personal.
I'll write your name again, and if I'm up there in the final three you'll still give me the million dollar vote.
You are a 100%, grade-A dirt squirrel.
I hope your time here has helped your future modeling career.
Don't be stupid, stupid.
This is a business trip, as I like to say.
She came up to me and said,'You have ADD'!
Jean-Robert is in my numbers, deal with it b*tch.
Shut your mouth Homey G!
There's no 'I' in team, but there's one in Matt's mouth.
Kat; she would be the person that would have a show about how a million dollars ruined my life.
There is no compassion towards me here. I have to have compassion towards myself.
I'm turning into something which would scare my mother.
I made each symbol be a number... and I know the brain can remember a 7 digit number, because that is why phone numbers are 7 digits.
F*ck you Brad Culpepper!
Shii-Ann opens her mouth, and I feel like putting a gun in mine.
Here's the deal; if any of you screw me, I'll find you and kill you.

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