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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 25 Zombie Movies of All Time (according to

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RankMovieStar (Year)
1.Sarah Polley (2004)
2.Cillian Murphy (2002)
3.Simon Pegg (2004)
4.David Emge (1979)
5.Duane Jones (1968)
6.Manuela Velasco (2007)
7.Rupert Everett (1994)
8.Lori Cardille (1985)
9.Jeffery Combs (1985)
10.Clu Gulager (1985)
11.Charleston Heston (1971)
12.Jaime Winstone (2008)
13.Bill Pullman (1988)
RankMovieStar (Year)
14.Felicity Mason (2003)
15.James Ellison (1943)
16.Charlotte Frogner (2009)
17.Jon Tenney (2005)
18.Timothy Balme (1992)
19.Stephen McHattie (2009)
20.Milla Jovovich (2007)
21.Duane Jones (1990)
22.Tisa Farrow (1979)
23.Simon Baker (2005)
24.Shawn Roberts (2007)
25.Rose McGowan (2007)

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