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Can you name the Survivor castaways who went home as a result of a tie vote?

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Castaway(s) Tied WithEliminated Castaway
Richard Hatch
Keith Famie
Colby Donaldson
Lindsey Richter
Tom Buchanan
Kathy Vavrick O'Brien/Neleh Dennis*
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Ibrehem Rahman
Ian Rosenberger
Danielle DiLorenzo
Becky Lee
Bob Crowley
Natalie White
Marty Piombo
Ralph Kiser/Stephanie Valencia
Rick Nelson
Shamar Thomas/Eddie Fox
Michael Snow
Castaway(s) Tied WithEliminated Castaway
Andrea Boehlke/Reynold Toepfer
Ciera Eastin
Hayden Moss/Monica Culpepper*
Alexis Maxwell/Morgan McLeod
Baylor Wilson
Jaclyn Schultz/Keith Nale
Rodney Lavoie Jr./Sierra Thomas
Carolyn Rivera
Tasha Fox
Alecia Holden
Peter Baggenstos/Aubry Bracco
Aubry Bracco
Hannah Shapiro/Zeke Smith*
Joe Mena
Devon Pinto
Laurel Johnson
Donathan Hurley
Domenick Abbate**

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