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Forced Order
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Idols are like magnets to me.
It's got bacon on it!
This my island!
I've been bamboozeled!
You can quit or you can jump in that fire, whichever is more convenient for you.
This island is full of two things, snakes and rats.
Did you hear me say dragonslayer?
I feel like I'm the godfather arranging a hit on someone.
I can forgive her, but I don't have to, because she screwed with my chickens.
Pirates do piratey things.
I want to give Idividual Immunity to Natalie.
I'm their red-headed stepchild.
It's just a stick!
I lost my reign as dumbest survivor ever.
I ain't no Hershey Bar.
What's a pace?
You take care of her, I'll take care of you.
My grandma's back home watching Jerry Springer.
Why does he need the machete so sharp? I think he's gonna kill us.
If we were friends in the real world I'd probably avoid her.
I have got strength now to carry the flag.
Her stage name, Blair, almost came off my lips.
Amanda will be giving birth to little Ozzlets.
We've got three people doing yoga.
I meant getto garbage.
I will ALWAYS wave my finger in your face.
It grew legs and walked off!
I need someone to pee on my hand.
I'm not out here to play the dating game.
Erik's running after the chicken and he gets clotheslined by the clotheline. It was pure comedy.
Thanks Guys, I hope you all get bit by a crocodile. Scumbags!
If you want this one, I could go get another one, I JUST WANT MINE

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