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Can you name the Spongebob Squarepants Characters by Description?

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Main Character
Dumb Starfish whose name is NOT RICK
Crouchy Neighbor who is a terrible musician
Owner of Krusty Krab
Tiny rival of Krusty Krab owner
Main character's pet
Starfish's pet rock
Fat Boating Teacher
Teenage Whale
Old superhero
Old superhero sidekick
Ghost Pirate
Human Non-animated Pirate
Puppet Parrot
Main Character's Dad
Main Character's Mom
Crouchy Neighbor's Rival
Krusty Krab Owner's Mom
Supervillain that is First Frozen in Tartar Sauce
News Reporter
Old Guy who has three different jobs
Fat fish who hides pickles and car keys under his tongue
Bubble who is Spongebob's friend
Bully at Boating School
Main's character's grandma
Sea God
Famous Surfer, played by Johnny Depp
Buff Lobster
Surfer Guy who Says Hahahaha
Alantis Leader
Famous Clarinet Player
Neptune's Son
Spongebob's Mean Cousin
Assassin in The Movie
Bubble Villain
Clam whose pearl is stolen by Krusty Krab Owner

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