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Can you pick the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Characters?

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The Hobbit Ringbearer
Frodo's gardener
Hobbit who is seen with Pippin many times
Hobbit who is in service of Denethor for the beginning of the third book/movie
Wizard who is part of the Fellowship of The Ring
Dwarf who carries an axe
Elf who never runs out of arrows
Ranger who is the heir to the Gondor throne and is nicknamed Strider
Man who is the son of Denethor and dies at the end of the first movie/beginning of the second book
Hobbit who gives the ring to Frodo
Hobbit who becomes possessed by the ring
King of Rohan
Hobbit who marries Sam
Elf who is the love interest of Aragorn
Lord of Rivendell
Lady of Lorien
Lothlorien elf who is killed at Helms Deep
Steward of Gondor
Brother of Eowyn
Niece of Theodeon who kills The Witch King
Lord of the Nazgul who kills Theoden
Soldier of Gondor who is almost burnt alive by his father
Ent/Talking Tree
Man who poisons Theoden's mind in the second movie/book
Evil wizard who creates the orcs and is killed by Grima Wormtongue
Evil lord who creates the Ring of Power
Hobbit who is killed by Smeagol
Man who defeats Sauron and takes the ring for himself
King of Gondor who is the father of Isildur
Father of Gimli
Leader of the Company of dwarves who are sent to reclaim the Lonely mountain from Smaug the Dragon
One of the last great dragons of Middle Earth
Gimli's cousin

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