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Can you name the Drake and Josh Characters ?

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Has a sister, a mom, a stepfather, and a stepbrother.
Girl that Drake met at a record store.
Has a father, a stepbrother, a stepmother and a stepsister.
Girl who pranks the title characters.
Mother of main characters
Father of main characters
Nerd who doesn't have a cell phone
Nerd who has glasses
Josh's girlfriend who tried to get Drake suspended.
Josh's boss at the Premiere Movie Theater
Worker at movie theater who yells alot and freaks out.
Teaher who hates Drake
Worker at movie theater who has a crush on the main characters' mom
Worker at movie theater who is really scared of Crazy Steve.
Weatherman competition of the ain characters' dad.
Grandfather that Drake and Josh have to take care of instead of going on the Demonator.
Josh's grandma who hates Drake
Drake's dumb friend who is mentioned in many episodes but only appears in one episode.
Drake's ex-girlfriend who is stronger than him.
Drake's girlfriend who he breaks up with, and gets back together in the same episode.
Nerd who mumbles alot
Drake's dance partner who gets disqualified.
Helen's grandmother
Star of Kid President
Drake's ex-girlfriend who laughs weirdly
Guys who stole grills
Girl in Megan's Campfire Kids Troop who is obsessed with Drake
Josh's friend who resembles Drake
Drake's friend who resembles Josh
Yudonian girl who is Josh's e-pal
Josh's girlfriend's father
Josh's girlfriend's mother
Skateboarder whose car is taken by Drake and Josh
Drake's 'Little Sibling'
Mindy's third cousin
Talk show host who has Drake and Josh on her show.
Girl who Drake uses to make Tori jealous.
Famous Magician
Car dealer who owned Bobo
Little kid who Drake and Josh make a treehouse for
Megan's hamster
Megan's boyfriend who cheats on her
Guy who invites Drake and Josh to his Sweet 16
Criminal who gets Drake and Josh involved in a heist.

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