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Stay off the road that's 'paved with good ____' because it just leads deeper into Hell.intentions
Never give up this, even if the sign above the entrance to Hell tells you to abandon it.hope
Wait a while: most Christian sects believe the dead will be raised from Hell just before this day.Judgment Day
Listen for 'weeping and ____ of teeth,' as described in the New Testament, then run the other way.gnashing
Do this, by feeling true contrition: all Abrahamic religions emphasize its role in salvation.repent
If you had a four-year journey to a dark place called Mictlan, you're in the Hell of these people.Aztecs
Don't eat seeds from this fruit, as Persephone did, or you'll be tied to Hades forever.pomegranate
Seek out this Roman poet: he guided Dante out of Hell, so he might do the same for you.Virgil
Try praying to a saint for help, such as this Spanish co-founder of the Jesuits.(Francis) Xavier
If you see venomous donkeys and seven gates, you're in the Hell described in this book.Quran
Study this body of Jewish mysticism, which describes Hell or Sheol as purgative, not punitive.Kabbalah
You can escape Futurama's Robot Hell by outplaying the Robot Devil on this gold instrument.fiddle
Follow the signs to this outermost region of Hell, home to unbaptized infants; the exit is nearby.Limbo
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Take up music: this Greek charmed his way through Hades, nearly rescuing his lover Eurydice.Orpheus
Ask Heracles (Hercules) to save you: he rescued this Minotaur-slayer from Hades.Theseus
Hope that this religion is right: if so, Ahura Mazda will someday free all the souls in Hell.Zoroastrianism
Go into management: as this epic poet wrote, it's 'better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.'(John) Milton
Ask the angel Castiel to pull you out of Hell, as he did for Dean Winchester on this TV series.Supernatural
If you're in Niflhel, find the root of this tree, then climb along the tree into Asgard.Yggdrasil
Read this man's essay, 'The Myth of Sisyphus,' to realize the absurdity of your rock-rolling fate.(Albert) Camus
Keep to yourself: as Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in this play, 'Hell is other people.'No Exit
Take an idea from Stephen Vincent Benét: hire this lawyer to argue your case with the Devil.(Daniel) Webster
If you're in Naraka, the Hell ruled by Yama, consult these Hindu texts for guidance.Upanishads
Find this golden item, which let Aeneas in and out of Hades and provided a James Frazer title.bough
Steer clear of this walled city in Hell, whose 'pater' has been identified with Pluto and Orcus.Dis
Undergo these Greek 'mysteries,' whose initiates were sometimes said to enter and exit Hades at will.Eleusinian

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