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Which of these...a, b, or c
planets has no moon? a) venus b) mars c) uranus
plants is a legume? a) almond b) banana c) clover
founding fathers was the oldest? a) Ben Franklin b) Sam Adams c) Tom Jefferson
weekdays is not named after a Norse god? a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Friday
colors is a dog blind to? a) red b) blue c) yellow
countries is home to the city of Mocha? a) Saudi Arabia b) Oman c) Yemen
authors was named Howard? a) H.L. Mencken b) H.P. Lovecraft c) H.G. Wells
ingredients does not affect the alcohol content of beer? a) malt b) hops c) yeast
words means 'golden'? a) aureate b) auricate c) auralate
teams used to be called the Chicago Packers? a) Chicago Bears b) Kansas City Royals c) Washington Wizards
numbers scores itself when played on a Scrabble board? a) seven b) twelve c) fifteen
singers was once injured by a pet ostrich? a) Johnny Cash b) Michael Jackson c) Elvis Presley

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