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Opening Two Linessong
I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins while loved ones mourn the day, the absence of our faces, living, laughing, eyes awake. Is this too much for them to take?
Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take the pain away. Diet of life, shelter without, the face that cannot see inside yours is mine.
Empty and sweating. Head lying in your hands, shaking in the corner.
It's wearing on my mind, I'm speaking all my doubts aloud. You rob a dead man's grave, then flaunt it like you did create.
I see you had your mind all made up you group of pitiful liars. Before I woke to face the day, your master plan transpired.
If ever words were spoken, painful and untrue. I said 'I loved but I lied.'
What's left inside him? Don't he remember us?
Under the lights where we stand tall. Nobody touches us at all.
'68 into the world born and the '70s, a breath after the war. Life was confusing because of my age.
The reverend he turned to me. Without a tear in his eyes.
Opening Two Linessong
Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence. One step from lashing out at you.
There's a double standard for the way we live. If there's nothing to have have, well then there's nothing to give.
A dead issue, don't wrestle with it, deaf ears are sleeping. A guilty so bliss, uninviting, nailed to the cross.
A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory of shame birthed its gift.
Now a new look in my eyes. My spirit rise, forget the past.
Wear ten crowns, dragons heads. Southern are the sons, the lords unmatched.
Revenge, I'm screaming revenge again. Wrong, I've been wrong for far too long.
There is nothing. No education, no family life to open my arms to.
I vent my frustration at you old man, after years your ears will hear. You screamed that you tried,but it's words of a weakling and promises made by a drunken liar.
We've got no time to lose. Your news is old news.

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