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Can you name the ABC's of ABDC?

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Runner up from Season 4A
Name 1 crew that starts with 'B' (Hint-Theres 6 total)B
The youngest girl to be on ABDCC
Newest judge on ABDCD
The first crew eliminated from Season 1E
These guys (and one girl) from Chicago really can move their feetF
First crew eliminated from Season 3, some later appeared on 787 CrewG
The intense movement crew from HonoluluH
The brain bangers from Houston, and the first non-West coast crew to winI
The first (and so far, only) pole dancers on ABDCJ
This precise crew was a front runner the whole season, but came in 3rdK
This energetic crew hails from MiamiL
The B-boys from SeattleM
5 crews hail from this East Coast stateN
Judge who appeared only on Season 5O
This crew danced for the charity 'Hip Hop for Hope'P
These 7 guys stunted their way to winning Season 3Q
These ladies flew all the way from New Zealand to competeR
These jump-ropers had a few too many mistakes, and were eliminatedS
This crew left Season 3 on the Britney Spears episodeT
All crews danced to this artist in week 5 of Season 5U
These flamboyant New Yorkers were eliminated in favor of We Are HeroesV
The only all female crew to winW
This boy band looking crew came up short in Season 2X
How many crews include a 'Y' in their name?Y
3 crews include a 'Z' in their name, name 1Z

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