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Can you name the facts about Luna Lovegood?

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Luna belongs to this Hogwarts house
Luna's father's name
Together they have gone on vacations looking for this creature
She reads this magazine, which her father runs
She believes Fudge is a...
Luna's mother died when she was this age
Like Harry and Neville, Luna can see these creatures
Later in life, Luna marries this person
Luna's children's names are...
Luna's nickname in school is...
Kids at Hogwarts played pranks on Luna by...
Luna went to Slughorn's Christmas party with...
Luna's house looks like a...
Her home is near the town of...
At Bill and Fleur's wedding, Luna is bitten by a...
Luna became this later in life
Once to a quidditch match, Luna wore a hat in the shape of this animal
In her room, Luna has painted pictures of her friends. These pictures are joined across the room by what word?
Luna's patronus is a...
Luna was a member of this secret society
Luna told Harry to watch out for mistletoe because it was full of...
When Harry gets a dreamy look on his face, Luna thinks it is what kind of creature that has flown through his head?
Luna wears earrings that appear to be radishes, but are actually...
The first time Luna appears in the books is on...
when Luna was kidnapped she was held in...
Her fellow prisoner was...
Luna often wears a necklace made of...
This actress plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies

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