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'The first animal ever to compete in the paralympic games!'
'George Orwell's tale takes a more B movie approach.'
'Live a generous life, mr chameleon, you will be rewarded.'
'The lions aren't really....doing anything'
'Planet Earth was then stuck in the young lad's throat.'
'You know they're not actually playing those instruments.'
'This band have been surveying you from high altitude!'
'And by the way i tried to say don't eat those!'
'Wonderland was getting kinkier by the minute!'
'Everybody dreams...sometimes.'
'It seemed HG Wells had misjudged the time it would take by a wide margin.'
'We shot him, stabbed him, lit him on fire, nothing ever works'
'No thanks, i take it black, like my men.'
'This band was very popular down at the old folks' home.'
'For assault, two injured, one dead.'
'Go on love, have an apple, he won't mind, i ssswwear.'
'Doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.'
'And you're saying that these young men had claws? and fur?'
'You know you look like an idiot with that green mohawk'
'After seeing this band live, your throat will definately be sore!'

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