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'Can you hear your master on the stereo?'
'The guys who battered everyone to death?'
'We couldn't because all the pieces froze.'
'WW1 - this victim=peace'
'Stop smacking the printer!'
'Argh! The bees are defending themselves somehow!'
'Tell those roses to shut up!'
'You can thank St Patrick for this'
'They were not accepted by the more religious of the mammoth hunting community.'
'They just walked right in and re arranged the furniture!'
'She was a pretty young thing, but she weighed a ton and had a spikey personality!'
'At the bottom of the ocean, the shellfish practiced satanic rituals!'
'If the chocolate starts rapping, you've lost it!'
'Yes my father is a boulder, abandoned me when i was just a pebble...'
'It seemed Jesus and co had taken a wrong turn at Nazareth roundabout'
'now be goode and stop throwing fruit!'
'A new activity for the homeless! Lentil is the special tonight!'
'Bury a toad and your warts will disappear!'
(L)ithium (O)xygen (V)anadium (E)uropium
'Hey, Liz, maybe you should eat something?'

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