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'Hallelujah, my brothers!'
'It's really not going to fly, you know'
'I prefer blue, and i can't even swim'
'A bird? a plane? spare some change?'
'And they won't even gather moss, guaranteed!'
'He'd wanted a nickname with manlier colour.'
'Perseus and Medusa had a bit.'
'I don't care how good they are! i don't want them crawling around!'
'Is she a ? or is he a? or is she both?'
'And Mr President, don't call me shirley.'
'Oh put them down darling, i've got a headache.'
'Simply lure the bees in and then shoot them!'
'The Dog-ones?' 'The Sheep-ones?'
'No, it's not an innuendo, it slithers around in the snow.'
'Purchasing hats was always a difficulty.'
'Lucky number 7! what colour would you like?'
'An Italian catholic's best friend.'
'Stephen King knew him, Lewis Carroll knew his wife.'
'Don't stop her majesty now, she's having such a good time.'
'A band made up of timelords?'

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